About Us

About Us

About Us

G & B International, Inc. (Green & Blue Group) is a company devoted to solving all of your logistics-based needs with an emphasis on security, trustworthiness, and personalized service. First established in 1995, G & B International, Inc. specialized in ocean/air cargo transportation and customs clearance. Since then, the services offered have grown to encompass all areas of logistics management including warehouse storage, cargo distribution and delivery. In addition, G & B provides clients desiring an edge in e-commerce with an ideal and convenient solution; namely, through the marketing, selling, and distribution of goods and services. Our company has combined all of these services successfully to become your one-stop logistics service center.
With customer-based management, G & B hopes to help you work towards a brighter future, while supplying you with the most up-to-date and comprehensive networking in order to maximize your competitiveness in the global market. We deliver efficient, transparent, and secure service and are constantly striving towards being a partner that presents our clients with a win-win situation every time.
We are especially working towards offering increasingly faster door-to-door service, VMI (Vendor Management Inventory), and SCM (Supply Chain Management) in order to be one step ahead of our competitors in today’s shifting logistics paradigm.
We at G & B International, Inc. promise to offer helpful, constructive, and supportive advice that has the customer’s benefit in mind, and will continue to strive towards logistical innovation and ambitious service.
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  • 2006

    Introduced 4th Generation Logistics System
    (Vehicle Business for big buyers such as SAM’S Club) .
    Contracted for Logistics provider with
    KOTRA (Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency)

  • 2003

    Purchased & Owned Warehouse (Elk Grove Village, IL.)

  • 2001

    Acquired ISA Certificate / U.S. Customs (#GL0110004)

  • 2000

    Acquired D/G Operation Certificate (#A03043).
    Joined FAA Membership

  • 1997

    Established the branches in LAX, JFK

  • 1996

    Acquired FMC License / Washington D. C. (#4159N/F)
  • 1995

    Incorporated in IL. United States. (Oct. 19. 1995)



One unfortunate miscalculation is capable of disintegrating all the pioneering efforts and successes of any great business. Our company’s most valuable obligation to our customers is the assurance of the safety of all shipments. The safety of goods from the beginning to the end of transportation will be guaranteed by our personalized door-to-door service. This is the most important objective in both servicing our customers and as a part of our “Green Logistics”.


Overall, inefficient logistics management can be quite costly for businesses. These costs can be significantly reduced by our personalized services in procurement and logistics management needs. We will find the most reliable, safe, and cost-effective methods available to maximize your competitiveness in the global market. Overall, our “Blue Logistics” will optimize all your possible options with customized consulting.


We are not only a transportation solution through the global network but also a One-stop Logistic Service for all your sourcing needs. Our aim in assisting with procurement, marketing, sales, & distribution of products service is our so-called “Fourth Generation Logistics”.


Today’s purchasing power paradigm is diverse and fast-changing. Risk, responsibility, and inventory-focused needs are increasing. Even though this is true, there are reasonable and appropriate countermeasures that will provide good opportunities for both buyers and suppliers. It is in our best interest to keep pace with these trends and to find the optimum “Flow of Logistics” together with the customer for the benefit of the customer’s needs and satisfaction. This is what we call our “Customer Need-based Logistics”


Through our special services we will maximize the competitiveness of our customers’ products, as well as support the growth of business and sales. This is also a great opportunity for building great business relationships. For the continuous growth of this kind of WIN-WIN BUSINESS, we strive to foster this kind of mentality within our team as well as our customer’s staff. This is the “High-quality Logistic Services” that will go beyond your expectations.


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